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Press & Media

Well, Hello There!

It seems that you want to know more about what makes Scrub30 so special.... Well, you're in the right place!

Simply check out the video and/or scroll down the page for the quick n' dirty introduction to Scrub30 :)

What's Special About Our Products?

Eco Friendly

No guilt here! Our packaging is BPA free & recyclable.

Cruelty Free

No puppies are hurt when making our products.

TSA Approved

Bring your routine with you on the go!

Buzz Words

Paraben & Sulfate-free - you want it we (probably) have it.

What We've Done

Given Out Goods

Donated more than 1500 shower products to keep people looking (& smelling) great!

Handed Out $$$

Gave money to those in need of more than shower products - though those are great, too!

Shared The Love

Supported awesome charities through fun (and bubbly) events!

Brand Assets

Need some visual aids to make your write-up pop?

Learn More

Feel the need to know us even better?

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