Transform Your Skin With Some Scrub30 Love

 Care About Your Skin?

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Call us crazy, but we think it’s safe to say most people want flawless skin. So when it comes to looking like a superstar, what do you do? If you care about skincare then you definitely have a signature routine and, fingers crossed, your first step is exfoliating. After all, the secret to healthy skin is exfoliation; and not just any exfoliation - proper exfoliation.

You've Been Doing It All Wrong, #SORRYNOTSORRY

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If you don’t listen to the experts and replace your scrubber every 4 weeks, then brace yourself for some terrible news. Turns out, you’ve been cleaning wrong this entire time, but don’t worry, because we’ve all been doing it wrong too. It may come as a surprise that scrubbers have a shelf life, after all, it’s not like they’re bananas or anything. But still, even though your scrubber may not necessarily bruise and rot like produce, they do however harvest harmful mold and bacteria that later gets rubbed deep inside your pores, if not replaced routinely. Don’t believe us? Google it.

Today's Your Lucky Day!

Behold, just when you thought your world was about to fall apart, we present to you the solution to your dirty scrubber routine - Scrub30. With a monthly subscription service that’s easier to set up than a dating profile, all you need to do is sign up and then never again will you need to stress about moldy old scrubbers ever again.

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Whoa, Say What Now? 

That’s right, every month we’ll deliver a customized box of bathroom goodies straight to your doorstep so that you can always smell great and feel fresh. With a wide collection of rich moisturizing shower gels that are scented for anyone and everyone, gentle mildew free scrubbers, and more, we guarantee you’ll never feel gross ever again (after all, you can never be too clean). So quit rubbing last year’s dirt on your body and start scrubbing towards beautiful and healthy skin with Scrub30.

And the next time you happen to glance at your scrubber, ask yourself this question, “how f**ken old is this thing?”, and if you don’t know, then it’s time you upgraded your routine - Check out our products here and figure out which is best for your routine today!