To Scrub Or Not To Scrub?

Oh, the age-old question... Or at least the question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while! Scrubbing or exfoliating is something everyone has done or thought about doing… and with good reason! Proper exfoliation has been shown to come with a ton of benefits for your skin that you should be aware of. Here’s our top 4 reasons to scrub.

Reason 1: That Glow Though

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Are you #selfie ready? Exfoliating at least once a week, whether you do it with a  chemical peel or a natural scrub, comes with the massive perk of smooth, glowing skin and who doesn’t want to look younger? Go steal some hearts❤️

Reason 2: Unstuff Those Pores

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See that zit? You can kick him and his buddies to the curb if you just exfoliate! You see, one of the reasons that you get those unsightly pimples is 'cause of clogged pores. When you don’t exfoliate that dead skin just keeps on piling on – causing you to break out! No dead skin, no problem.

Reason 3: Moisturize Better

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Since exfoliating rubs off those old skin cells, you can pamper your new skin instead of the dead one. What a concept. 

Moisturizing is definitely one of the most relaxing things to do once you’re out of the shower but you really should be doing it after you exfoliate if you really want to feel those results. 

Reason 4: A Better… Shave?

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Can your legs get any smoother? Apparently they can! When you exfoliate before you shave, you get closer to the skin which leads to a smoother shave! And bonus, you don’t have to pick out the dead skin cells from your razor. Yuck.

There you have it – all about exfoliation. Get to scrubbin’.