Showering – Do You Know How To Do It?

Showering. Something so simple yet so important… that not all people do right. You heard me; you probably aren’t as clean as can be – and this is why.

Reason 1 – The Water is Too Hot

Hot shower, shower, woman, showerhead

A nice warm (or boiling hot, whatever floats your boat) shower can be just the thing you need after a long day but trust us – doing it too often is not highly recommended. Actually, when done too often your skin can get dry and you can develop rashes due to you stripping your body of its natural oils.

Reason 2 – You’re Showering EVERY. DAY.

shower, water, showerhead, hand, arm

Now we know you like to be clean – we do, too! But you actually SHOULDN’T shower everyday – remember your skin is your body’s defense against the yucky stuff you come in contact with everyday – the more skin you rub off, the less defense you will have. Yikes!

Reason 3  – You’re Not Exfoliating

scrubber, soap, loofah, blue, shower, bath, foot

This is for all those “hand scrubbers” out there – it takes more than some soap rubbing to get your skin looking amazing. Exfoliating your face and body with scrubs and rubs is necessary to take off those old skin cells and show off glowing skin.

Reason 4 – You’re Exfoliating…But With an Old Scrubber ☹

loofah, scrubber, pouf, orange, shower

Please, PLEASE, for the sake of your skin, throw away that 6 month-old scrubber (or loofah, pouf, whatever you want to call it) and DO NOT scrub your body with it. At this point, you’re probably looking at that scrubber like “ But it looks fine!” and you couldn’t be MORE wrong – that gross thing called bacteria is making a home out of that scrubber that’s been sitting in the corner of your shower in that lovely, moist, mold-attracting environment. You don’t want to scrub that all over your body, do you? I think not.

In conclusion… think more about your shower! Whether that’s being more choosy about when you shower or scrubbing with the proper tool – a good shower is so much more about looking good, it’s about being kind… to yourself.