October's Charity - Lava Mae

Lava Mae Charity Giving Back Donation Shower

How Often Do You Shower?

Showering. Probably what happens at the start of most people’s days. Imagine this -  You snooze the alarm a few times and then decide to take a shower to wake yourself up before grabbing a cereal bar and running out the door. Sounds all too familiar, right? Well, imagine if you couldn’t shower whenever you wanted - what would you do? More importantly, how would you feel? 

Everyone deserves a shower

Have we got you thinking about those showers you take for granted? Good. You see, for some people showering is not a right or a leisurely activity that they have access to - it is a scarce privilege. In the United States alone more than 500,000 people are homeless. Living on the streets, these people rarely have access to basic necessities such as showering.

Though you might think that a shower is the least of anyone’s worries when they are homeless, imagine how you feel if you hadn’t showered in a week or two weeks… or more. Would you be motivated to be out and about in the world? We sure wouldn’t be - which is why a shower could make a difference. The question then is, when was the last time you saw a public shower unit?

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Lava Mae

Personally, we had never seen a public shower unit, but that all changed when we stumbled upon Lava Mae. Lava Mae is a San Francisco based charity that provides the homeless population access to a mobile shower unit and other necessary services such as haircuts and clothing in order to boost their morale and make them feel visible. We were astounded at Lava Mae’s hospitality and knew that we had our October charity. This time, we didn’t just give a portion of our proceeds though - we flew out to volunteer at one of Lava Mae’s Mobile Care Villages AND donated 1,000 products for their shower units.

That said, our partnership with Lava Mae extended to more than just us donating our products, we feel like we learned a lot from the experience. Though we already knew that we were serving the homeless and generally knew of the things they go through, we had never actually talked to a homeless person at length - We found out that they are amazing people - some are funny, some are talented, and some are extremely kind. To think that people like these don’t normally have access to showers and are so thankful for our products really warms the heart and makes giving back worth it.

lava mae truck

Everyone deserves to stay clean

All in all, we hope that mobile shower units become more commonplace. People shouldn’t have to wake up in the morning and worry about something as trivial (well, to us, anyways) as a shower. Until this happens, please remember that, in this case, the least anyone can do to make a difference in life of a homeless person is acknowledging their existence.