Giving Back

It Doesn't Take Much...

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At Scrub30, we’re not just about the body scrubbers and yummy smells (though they are important), we also believe that, as a company that wants to keep people clean, it is important to give back to communities in need. This belief sprouted our mission to donate a percentage of our sales to charities that keep people clean and can use some exposure. That said, our willingness to give back when we were just launched definitely raised more than a few concerned eyebrows - after all, shouldn’t we be looking after the brand’s growth before anyone else?

Giving Back Since Day One 

Hurricane Harvey Texas Gulf Coast


Well, we quickly decided that our age didn’t matter -  When Hurricane Harvey hit and devastated the Texas region, we knew that, as fellow human beings, we needed to do everything we could to help. Though we couldn’t exactly go to Texas and help with the relief efforts firsthand, we did the next best thing by donating a percentage of our profits to an organization called AmeriCares.

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AmeriCares is a relief organization that makes it their priority to help people affected by natural disasters such as Harvey. They do so by distributing emergency supplies, rebuilding hospitals and homes, and providing mental health and psychosocial support for disaster victims.

Given their vast involvement in aiding people’s recovery from this disaster, we made sure that AmeriCares received a percentage of our sales for the month of September - Every bit counts, after all.

Anyone can make a difference, together we can make a change.

We know that people aren’t always able to help - and that’s okay. But it doesn’t take much to make a difference.  Though we contributed a percentage of our sales, that doesn’t mean you have to do the same - by simply volunteering your time at one of your local charities or making a donation to someone who can use it on the street, you are making a difference in this world and you should be proud of that.

In regards to our mission going forward, we will continue to help people the best way we can - the Scrub30 brand, after all, is you guys.